Here is a 3d model I did for an talented Artist. He wanted his illustration turned into a figure. I 3d printed it in colored Sandstone at Shapeways. I will be happy to help anyone who wants a figure based on their Artwork! You could order one here: Batman at Shapeways

Design by Johnathan Miller.


Here a super sculpy sculpture from 5 years ago:



My first bronze winged sculpture


water color

This is an old water color painting I did for a competition.. I got it displayed in a gallery in Switzerland.

life drawing

Found some life drawings tought by Glenn Vilppu…

drawing during class

Moving makes you find all kinds of things you didn’t know you were missing. Here is some doodles I did while in school (not paying attention to whatever class was going on.. )


flash back..

Flash back to the late 80’s, where I first started to let my creativity flow. I created jewellery out of vinyl records and posters for events. First really cool thing was designing a rockers guitar!

(thank you Bogey, for finding this pic)

.. there is a glitch in the matrix

Hi World,

Instead of creating a website, I am trying to put up my work in ‘blog’ form. It is 2012 and I am trying to catch up. Sad. I know.

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