Nadja Bonacina Resume


Aug 2020 - current      Marvel Animation, WFH, CA
                        Previs/Visual Development Modeler. Modeling and texturing assets for Art and Previs on
                       "What if" TV show using Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop.

Nov 19 - Aug 2020       Paramount Animation, Hollywood, USA
                        Previs/Visdev Modeler. Modeling and texturing characters, environments 
                        and props for "Tiger's Apprentice" Feature Film.

Nov 18 - Nov 19         Digital Domain 3.0, Playa Vista, USA
                        Previs / Postvis Modeler. Modeling and texturing assets for several 
                        projects using Maya, Zbrush, Unreal Engine, Unity, Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Aug 18 - Nov 18         Proof Inc, Los Angeles, USA
                        Previs Asset Modeler. Projects incl. “Google CES ride”, “Jumanji 2” 
                        and “Fast and Furious 9”. Tasks incl. modeling, texturing and 
                        rigging low poly previs characters, props and environments. Using Maya, 
                        Substance Painter and Photoshop.

Jan 18 - Aug 18         Digital Domain 3.0, Playa Vista, USA
                        Previs / Postvis / VR Modeler. Creating assets for several projects 
                        incl. “Aquaman”, “Sonic the hedgehog” and Cinematic Game trailers.

June 17 - Jan 18        Unified Pictures, Northridge, USA  
                        Visual Development Modeler for “The Ark & the Aardvark”. 
                        Working with Production Designer to create 3d environments for Visual Development
                        that were used for Previs/Layout

January 14 - March 17	Rovio Animation, Sherman Oaks, USA
                        Visual Development Artist for “Angry Birds 2”.
			Previs Proxy Modeler/ Previs artist for "Angry Birds Movie". 
                        Tasks include modeling, texturing, rigging of assets and creating previs shots.

June 13 - Jan 14	Proof Inc, Los Angeles, USA
			Previs Modeler for "Fast and Furious 7", "Night at the Museum 3", "Leviathan Intel CES 2014 Keynote Presentation", 
			"Midnight Special". Modeling, texturing and rigging of assets. Other tasks incl. previs shots and effects animation.

Jan 13 - June 13	Disney Feature Animation, Burbank, USA
	                Environment Modeler for “Frozen" using Maya and Zbrush

Sept 04 - Dec 12	Dreamworks, Glendale, USA
	                Previs Modeler for “Over the Hedge” & “Bee movie”.
	                Modeler for “Madagascar 2", “Monster vs. Aliens”, “Shrek 4", “Puss in Boots Movie”, “Turbo” and “Me & my Shadow”

March 04 – Sept 04	Warner Brothers, Sherman Oaks, USA
	                Cg Effects Animator for “Sponge Bob Square Pants” – Movie, including Modeling, Texturing and Lighting

October 03	        class-key-chew-po Inc., Los Angeles, USA
	                3D Modeling of two different Barbies for Mattel “Barbie Commercial”

July 01 – May 03	Klasky Csupo, Los Angeles, USA
	                3D Modeling of Vehicles & Props for “The Wild Thornberries Movie” and “The Rugrats gone Wild”

March 01 – July 01	Protocolony Inc., Los Angeles, USA
	                3D Computer Design Specialist

April 01	        Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Los Angeles, USA
	                3D Modeling of Characters and - Animation for Siggraph Trailer 

July 98 – Dec 2000      Stardust Entertainment GmbH & CoKG., Potsdam, Germany
                        3D Modeler for TV-Series “Stevie Stardust.” Modeling Objects, Props and Surroundings. Animation on several shots

April 98 – June 98      Arcmedia AG, Luzern, Switzerland
	                3D Modeling and Lighting of Locations for CD-Rom Game "Isle of Right"

April 97 – Dec 97	Klasky Csupo, Los Angeles, USA
	                3D Modeling & Animating Objects for “The Rugrats Movie” 
Feb 1996 – Dec 1996	TODD-AO Digital Images, Los Angeles, California
                        3D Modeling, tracking, color correcting & compositing for Leprechaun IV- Lost in Space. 3D-Tests for Mortal Kombat II and Lost in Space


Maya 2022 & Mudbox	Z-Brush	   Unreal Engine
Toonboom Software	Photoshop   Substance Painter
Shake 2.46.0116	        Adobe Premiere	 


2000	        Gnomon, Los Angeles, USA
	        Advanced Modeling 2 Class & Organic Modeling class using Maya 2.5 and PowerAnimator 9.0 and Rendering with Pixar Renderman

March 1996	UCLA Extension, Silicon Studios Los Angeles, USA 
                Introduction to Digital Effects, 2D, 3D, and Composite Programs using Matador, Alias|Wavefront Explore and Composer

Fall 1995	Hollywood Hands On, North Hollywood, USA 
                class in Computer Animation using Animation Master 3.0

1994 - 1996	American Animation Institute, North Hollywood, USA
                Classes in Figure Drawing, Quick Sketch, and Composition

1994 - 1996	Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, USA
                Associate in Arts Degree in Cinema. Classes included Cinematography, Directing, Sound, Screenwriting, and Traditional Animation 

1989 - 1993	Art School Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland
                Evening Classes in Figure Drawing, Color & Form, Perspective, Font Design, Anatomy, and Quick Sketch

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